Tax Repair & Turbo Tax Problems

Turbo Tax Problems?

Turbo Tax is an effective way to file your taxes if they are simple and you wish to devote the time to entering all the information into their system. Turbo Tax attempts to take a very complicated system, the U.S. tax code, and make it very simple. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Usually the first sign of problems occurs when you receive a letter from the I.R.S. correcting some aspect of your return or demanding money they say you owe. You have relied on a machine to figure your taxes and now you have a problem and can’t find anyone to talk to.

Tax Repair

We’re happy to help you with these issues. We offer a one half hour free consultation for problems with your return. This applies to any problem you may have whether it is related to Turbo Tax or not. We will find the source of the problem and offer you the option of fixing it yourself or having us do it for you. We will quote you a fee up front if we do the work. Many times the tax repair is simple and if you do the work, there is no charge for our consultation.

At Franklin Tax Service, we translate the complexities of the U.S. tax code into plain English. People come to us because they like the peace of mind of having a professional help them file their tax returns. Call us today to find out how Franklin Tax Service can help you with tax repair and correct Turbo Tax problems.

Denver tax repair and Turbo Tax problems.