W-2 & 1099 Filing Service

Is your business required to issue W-2s or 1099s?  What a pain!  These forms have very specific filing requirements to be accepted by the IRS and must be done exactly according to the IRS rules and regulations.  You are also subject to penalties for late filing.  This year the filing deadline has changed and is January 31st.

Let us help you with this complicated and confusing task.  We will file all your W-2s and 1099s for you.  All we need is the payee’s name, address, social, and the amount paid in the tax year.  We do the rest!

We can keep all your information on file and do this for you year after year. Our charge for this is a $45 setup charge and $7 per form.  And to make it even more affordable, we’ll give you a 50% discount on the cost of filing these forms if you have us do your 2016 tax return.  This offer is only good for new customers.

Stay in compliance and make your life easy.  Let us file your information returns today!